I got a phone call this morning from a business client who couldn’t get connected to a network drive in their office. I walked them through testing different things on the shared computer with the hard drive. Enroute to solving the problem, I used one of my Windows 10 computers to help me out.

I disabled some network functions and adapters to test some ideas. Unfortunately, my network connection to the world stopped working and it took me hours to get it back. Two new network adapter was tried and it didn’t work at all. The message that Windows gave said it was still setting up the connection. I had never seen this error and wasn’t sure where it came from. I checked my Security software and it had blocked some files of the new network adapter so I reactivated them. But this didn’t solve the problem. Next, I was going to try to restart in Safe Mode but instead I used Windows 10 System Recovery to get the network to work again.

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