It’s nuts how much I use the camera on my smartphone.  It’s used to document my computer client’s hardware, taking pictures and videos at my gym for blogs and pictures at the networking group I run.  And of course cute things my dog does gets recorded as well.

The problem is I have to do something with the video/pictures that I don’t post immedietely on social media.  These pile up quick and I have a good amount of RAM on my smartphone so I could leave them there.  Instead, every month or two I go through them and move them to my Linux file server to appropriate folders.  This gets done through my wifi network which sees my ethernet network.  I have the folders in two categories: personal and business.  Each of these have many sub-folders for many categories.  Every one of my computer clients has their own folder for pics of checks, pics of computers and other data.

If you need assistance moving your smartphone pictures, that’s one of the services I offer.  



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