The New Haven, IN Chamber Networking Group met again at 469 Sports and Spirits today which is conveniently near 469 and Highway 30. People seem to like our new location for our private room and the food variety.  We have a private waitress, Chelsea, who really takes care of us. One person said it’s easy to get to from his northern Fort Wayne office using 469.

Today we had 17 people and no one new, but a few people hadn’t attended since last year.  One person hadn’t been here since our first year back at Rack and Helens.

Someone told me afterward how much they liked our quick meetings. I make it that way to attract more people than the longer, more complicated meetings.

How many will we have next week and who will they be?   I have no idea and that’s what makes this group so interesting and helpful. We see a wide variety of people over the course of the year and they attend randomly.

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