I use different web browsers depending on what I doing in my work and pleasure browsing.  Chrome is avoided on all my Windows, Linux and Apple computers due to my privacy concerns with Google. I use Mozilla Firefox probably the most both on my Linux and Microsoft Windows computers.  Tor privacy browser is a close #2.  Safari is used on my Apple MacBook laptop since it is the built-in web browser.  There are a few more browsers I use occasionally just to see how they perform.

Tor is an anonymizing web browser which protects your identity from your Internet service provider and search engines.  It keeps your internet browsing private and defends against surveillance, tracking and censorship. There are versions for Windows, Linux and Apple computers and android smartphones. It bounces your web traffic around 3 different servers to make it harder to track. the bottom picture is a typical traffic pattern for a site.

I’ve found some websites dislike Tor and block it. Comcast works in Tor in Windows 10, but gives me an “Access denied” in Linux.  I will have to figure it out.  Facebook forces another security check if I use Tor and it eventually allows access. Google is another site which requires you to jump through another hoop, but it does allow access on Tor.

You can find Tor on my website under All Resources. It’s a program which needs installed so find the version for your OS. Give it whirl and see if your privacy increases. I’ve noticed my targeted email spam has decreased since I’ve been using it.  On the device I don’t use it I’ve noticed social media advertisements for search items of mine!  They don’t appear on my other devices where Tor is used. 

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