Last week I was updating my Mailchimp contacts with my newest computer clients. These clients are in my Google Contacts which can be accessed from all my devices: smartphones, computers and tablet. A newsletter will be sent out and I hope to have a current client list for distribution.
As I obtain new clients, I load their information into google contacts so their office can be found, vital PC information can be located or I just want to call them.  With all my devices, I can add a client from any of them. My new smartphone is always with me so it probably is the most used to add contacts. 

I started searching for my latest clients in Google Contacts and they were missing. I knew they were there somewhere.  My smartphone was searched and I found them, but I’m not sure what to call their classification. They were not technically Google Contacts but “Phone Contacts”.  They were moved into my Google contacts by opening them one at a time from Contacts.  Then in the upper right corner I opened the three dots menu( technically called more options).  Next, I selected “Move contact from phone”  and then selected the Google account.  A message appeared that said the contact has been moved to your google contacts.  Now they showed up in my Google contacts and they could be seen on all my computers!

In the future, If I create a contact on a smartphone I will immediately move it into my Google Contacts so this doesn’t happen again.  There’s probably a way to create a Google contact on a smartphone directly without having to do this extra step – I just don’t know right now.

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