Not long ago a Fort Wayne computer repair client asked me help with their desktop computer which wouldn’t start Microsoft Windows as it had for years. Before I arrived, they had attempted to restore to an earlier point and failed. Next, they tried to re-install Windows but it got worse and the computer just displays a blank screen upon boot up.  My client had misplaced the factory restore media and didn’t want to buy a new copy.

I tried to repair Windows but wasn’t successful and I suggested a better option- replace Windows with Linux. I like the Linux operating system for many reasons. It’s safer and more reliable than Microsoft Windows, more efficient with hardware and is free. Another reason is most of the applications can be obtained from one source called the Software manager inside Linux.

My client had worked with Linux many years ago and was impressed with its evolution into a easy to use graphical operating system. They also liked that they don’t have to worry about viruses like they do on their Windows computers.  We installed it on the computer and my client has been using it ever since. If you haven’t used Linux, I’ll be glad to show you.

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