I was at a business a few weeks ago where my client had a problem with the way their screen looked on their Windows 10 computer.  Some menu items were missing for programs and web browser windows.  It’s hard to explain but things just didn’t look right. I tried updating the graphics adapter (video) driver and the best was already there.  Other things were tried like different monitor drivers and resolution sizes to no avail.

Research was done on the internet and the source of the problem was found.  It seems there is a tablet mode in Windows 10.  It was set to Use appropriate mode.  I changed it to Desktop mode.  This seemed to work when I powered the computer down and then back on.  Another setting was set to never switch modes. Originally it was set to Don’t ask me and always switch.  

Tablet mode makes sense for hybrid devices and tablets, but not for straight computers.  When I did my check-up on them, they told me the video was fine and changing the setting solved the issue.

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