One of the ways I advertise my computer business is on the Internet with free business listings I learned from Kevin Mullett.  Probably the most important one is Google.  To help my ranking, I ask my clients to review my company, Shane Grantham Consulting, Inc. on Google.  It helps new clients find me who don’t know me from networking groups or Social Media. One of my competitors has many more reviews on Google and I would like to attain their numbers. Most of my competitors have fewer reviews and a lower rating than my company.

It’s odd sometimes who will and won’t review me. I have a client I helped just 2 times and they wrote me a great review. I have others who I’ve been to their business many more times and helped with many computer issues over five years and they won’t write any reviews. Is it because they don’t know how, don’t have the time or don’t feel I deserve any? Some clients have wanted to but didn’t know how so I helped them create a Google Plus account and then post their reviews and rating. One drawback may be that you need a Google Plus account which many people don’t have. They are easy to create and use. Here is the link to create one.

I’m curious to know how your Google rankings and rating is doing for your business.  Or do you even know if you have a Google listing?

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