A service call last week involved an older Dell computer with startup issues.  My client didn’t give me much background on the issue so i did the best i could on limited information.  I had problems getting the monitor powered on but figured it out after five minutes.  Next, I tried getting the computer going.and found Windows 10 wouldn’t start.  The Dell OS said there was a problem with the Hard drive.  My client was in a hurry so I didn’t run onboard diagnostics which was available from Dell.  He just wanted to get into Windows so he could print from web sites. I pressed F1 key and windows 10 came up.   Later I found another hard drive installed through windows and maybe this was the problem.  When I ran Windows diagnostics on the main hard drive, it was error free.  

I showed my client how to get passed this error and they were happy with this.  I did warn them something was wrong with the computer and he understood.  It was ok for me not to investigate and take off.  Given it’s age it was probably the best thing.  I later found a picture of the windows label and it originally had windows vista on it and was upgraded to Windows 7 and Then windows !0! 

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