One of the security suggestions I always see from professionals is to keep your operating system (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS. Linux) up to date.  Desktop operating systems usually have an automatic system of doing this or alerting the user to updates.  One thing that is annoying about Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 is the way they force restarts on you.  Although it is better than the past when Windows 10 used to restart on update installs without asking me.  I lost two days work trying to recover my accounting program database years ago because of this.

Linux Mint is my preferred OS and I like the way it handles updates.  It has the update tray icon near the clock that resembles a shield.  It changes shape if updates are available for Linux .  When updates are downloading and installing, a circle shows inside the shield.  Linux lets you decide which of the updates to install and which to ignore. You can do all or none of them.  

Sometimes you may not want to install an update for good reasons.  Microsoft windows may force updates on you, but Linux Mint doesn’t do this.

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