Last night there were some strong thunderstorms passing through our area and my property had some branches down but nothing hit the house. Electrical power never went out for very long so we were pretty lucky. Today (July 6, 2022) around 330PM , power went out. AEP was working on restoring other circuits near us and somehow our power went out.

Rather than sit without any computer and internet, I started up the gas generator. It kept the sump pump and refrigerator going so we didn’t have any food or water disasters. All my computers in my office are connected to UPS’s and my main computer ran about 10 minutes after the outage without the generator assistance.

When I got the generator running and had the computer and monitors going, the three UPSs clicked frequently. My guess is the generator doesn’t have a perfect 120 volt sine wave and the UPSs sense it and cut in and out of the circuit. After a few minutes, the monitors began turning off for a few seconds and then back on for 30 seconds. This continued while i moved the monitor electrical cords in and out of different outlets on the UPSs.

I got the monitors to stay on continuously by plugging them into a surge-only outlet and not in a battery/surge outlet.

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