I got an emergency call this winter from a commercial client who couldn’t get their Microsoft Windows 7 computer to turn on. I had them make sure the power cable was tight into the computer’s power supply. They assured me the other end was plugged into the Battery back up supply(UPS).  They thought the Battery Back up supply was powered on.  But the computer still wouldn’t power on. 

A service call was made and I was expecting to find a dead power supply or motherboard on the computer. Or a dead electrical outlet where the battery backups was connected. What I did find was the battery back up was not powered on as my client thought!  What confused them was a sticker on the top of the battery back ups had a green and red dot on it to depict the different conditions of the power LED(Light Emitting Diode).  They saw the green dot and thought it was on.  I simply pressed the power button and it powered on.  Now the computer powered on as well.  In their defense, the battery back ups is in the corner of the desk behind the computer and hard to see if you are short.

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