A recent computer project for a business computer client made me think of a good policy for anyone using logins and passwords.

First a little background. I got a call from one of my financial/accounting clients who was getting a new computer for their business replacing an older one. They wanted me to install 10 or so programs and port over a database for each program. Each program on the old computer had a unique password and some hadn’t been used in many years. If my client hadn’t written down each username and password for each program, this would have been a nightmare. We would have been guessing all afternoon and then calling tech support. The project went well and all programs got installed and the databases imported without any snafus.

I write down all my usernames and passwords in a couple places so I don’t waste time resetting and searching for them. They are in a secure location and there not laying around in my office or laptops We all have many web sites, email accounts and programs which use passwords. Another tip is don’t rely on your memory for them and don’t use the same username and password for every account you have.

What is a password horror story you can share?

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