Earlier this spring a new computer client asked me to convert their VHS tape they created in 2001 of a martial arts demo they filmed. It wasn’t copyrighted or trademarked so I didn’t see any legal reason not to go ahead with the request. It’s been years since I’ve done a VHS tape conversion and I needed to recall the procedure. 

The three devices I used back then were my Toshiba VHS tape deck, the Plextor Convert X video recorder, and my Windows XP computer.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the Windows XP computer any longer but I had the other two devices.  I needed a computer for the Convert X software and to connect the Convert X device.  I knew it was old and reading the directions it had a date of 2004 on it. The computer operating systems it was designed for was Windows 2000, and XP.  My current Windows computer in my office is Windows 10 and I will try to install the software on it. I didn’t think it would work but to my surprise it installed and without any compatibility mode needed.  

I went through the procedure and when it got to the software part, one error message appears after the conversion. I just clear the message and the MPG video file is created and is playable. So hats off to Windows 10 for installing a software program from 2004 meant for Windows XP and making it work.

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