I was listening to an internet tech show just now and a columnist was discussing five internet browsers better than Chrome (Windows) or Chromium (Linux). They mentioned Edge(Microsoft), Firefox(Mozilla) and a new one.
It’s called Brave and can be found at their web site.  It’s advertised as a safe browser with an Ad-blocker based on Chrome. They didn’t mention Tor, the anonymous browser’ which I thought they would.

I downloaded it for my Windows 10 desktop PC and it was easy to install and setup. It automatically imported my firefox bookmarks with my permission. Unfortunately, Brave didn’t know my Tor browser existed and didn’t offer to import anything from it.   I tried to find a Linux version for my old Dell 32-bit computer and Brave only had a 64-bit Linux version.

One thing that concerns me is how Brave is based on Chrome which is a Google product who I don’t trust with my privacy. So far it seems fine on my Windows 10 desktop PC and I have yet to try the Mac version on my Apple laptop. Tell me how you like it if you use Brave.


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