I got a call from a Fort Wayne computer repair client today about their fairly new Windows 10 computer.  the PC was talking to them about an infection in their computer and not to turn it off. This had happened in the past and I asked them what they were doing before this happened.  They were searching for something on the internet and clicked on a search engine result.  The rogue web site displayed a fake virus alert as a page with instructions to call a Microsoft phone number.  The web page completely covered the computer screen and wouldn’t allow my client to do anything.

I connected remotely through the internet and opened Task Manager with my remote control tool.  I saw the Web browser was opened with two pages active – one was email and the other was a suspicious one. It was called “Windows Official Support” and was a fake alert page.  I ended this task and the computer went back to normal. 

I checked the web browser for anything weird like extensions and plug-ins which weren’t intentionally installed and found none.  The web browser my client was using is an old one and not updated anymore so we will need to use a more current one from now on.

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