Many times while I work on a computer I have multiple web browsers open. Firefox, Tor, and Chrome may all be open in Linux or Windows. Sometimes it’s so I can have multiple email accounts open for my company email. It won’t let me do that on multiple tabs on the same browser. Another reason is to test how a web page reacts to different browsers for a client if one isn’t working for them. 

As I’m flipping from one browser to another I need to know which one I have active at the time.  In the past on Microsoft Windows it was easy to tell because every browser displayed their name prominently in the title bar at the top of their browser.

Nowadays, some do and some don’t.  As an example, in Windows 7 Internet Explorer does have it’s name in the browser title bar, but in Windows 10, it doesn’t. In Windows 7, Firefox won’t display its name, but in 10 it does better by having a Firefox logo and name near the title bar on the right.  In Linux Mint, Firefox and Chromium both show their name in the title bar. In Window 10, Edge browser doesn’t display it’s name.

Having to look for the browser name slows me down because I have to open help or settings to see which one it is.  I wish all of them in all operating systems displayed their name.  Maybe there’s a way to turn enable this as an option. Does anyone know if this can be done on any of the web browsers?

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