One thing I stress to my computer repair clients with their web sites is to check every day that it is up and functional. Also,once you are on your web site, browse to different pages to make sure the links are working. To make this easier, you can make your web browser’s home page your web site so every time it is opened,you know it’s up and working.

Today I went to my admin page for my web site to add a blog on my main Linux computer and was met with a “Page not found” message.  After panicking, I went to my Windows 10 computer and using the edge web browser, got the same error. My smartphone had the same results as well. My internet connection was working because other web sites were fine.   I kept refreshing the pages and after two minutes, my site was up again on all the computers.  I don’t know what happened, but I was prepared to call my web site provider to see what was going on.  When’s the last time you checked your web site?

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