How many web pages do you open in the course of web browsing session? 3? 4? 7?  A web browser is a local program that allows you to view a web page such as or   Some web browser names are Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. All modern web browsers have the multiple tabs available.  The great thing about multiple tabs is more than one page can be opened at a time and left open as you flip from one to another.  This means you don’t have to keep changing the address bar from one page to another.  Multiple tabs seems more efficient to me and they work in Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems.  To open a new tab, just click the plus sign at the top of the web browser.  The other aspect of multiple tabs is the ability to save them as multiple home pages which all open when your web browser opens.  On my Linux desktop computer when I open Firefox web browser, five pages all open in multiple tabs and this saves lots of time. 

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