One of my challenges working in IT and computers is staying up with operating systems as they change and grow. My clients mostly use Microsoft Windows 10 and a few are using the newest one – Windows 11. Others use Linux and Apple. Every time a new Microsoft Windows came out, I would learn it so I could support it and keep making money. I learned all of down to Windows 95 and before.
My question was answered this week a new client in Florida contacted me. Their employee in North Carolina needed support on their Windows 11 computer. It was a challenge giving phone support on an OS I hadn’t used since December of last year. I didn’t own any Windows 11 devices so last night I ordered a Windows 11 laptop so I could learn it. I did setup at least two new Windows 11 computers so far for my clients and it is similar to Windows 10. There are differences as well in the area of security.

Are you using Windows 11 and how do you like it?

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