One of my long-time business clients had a dilemma in early September.  They thought they forgot the password for their Windows 10 laptop they hadn’t used in months.  I made a service call to their business to help recover their password.  I entered different versions of the password and tried the Cap lock key also.  Nothing worked and I looked over the login screen to see if anything was out of place or weird.   

I noticed something odd about the screen.  The Sign-In  selector was set to PIN and my client uses a password.  The Sign-In Option was opened and I toggled “PIN” to “Password.”  There is a difference between a Windows 10 PIN and a password.  My client would never get a password to work on a PIN screen. 

We entered the password and it worked the first try!   So be careful when using a PIN or password in Windows 10 – there is a difference.

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