I received call where a Dell desktop PC won’t complete the startup of Windows 8.1. My client allowed an Apple Quicktime update to install and now Windows gets hung up at “Fatal Error C0000022. Applying update operation 54183 of 55236″ 92% completed.” It stops here every time even on a forced restart. The Windows progress wheel just sits and spins. I suggested he leave it sit and it may repair Windows which after two hours it never did.

Nothing further could be done over the phone so I made an on-site computer service call.  We turned on the computer and Immediately the black Dell logo screen appeared with “Updating Windows”. Many things were tried and I finally got it into Safe Mode.  I looked through the startup list in Task Manager which had 24 items – way too many.  I disabled ten of the 24 items.  Also, I manually removed about 2GB of temporary files in the users files. After a windows restart, Windows 8 started normally.  Some more maintenance was done including disabling the Apple software update which may have triggered the whole mess. 

I called my client a few days later and the computer is still running fine.

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