Do you want your private wireless network broadcasting its presence?  I would say no, unless you have an open wireless network for your customers that are waiting in your lobby or enjoying food and spirits at your restaurant or similar establishment. If you are most businesses with important private data on your computer network, I wouldn’t have a wireless network attached to it broadcasting itself for anyone to find.  Simply turn off the broadcasting option in the admin web interface.  Then to find the wireless network, most people will have to know the SSID (Service Set ID) or Access point name to connect to it with their wireless devices. With broadcasting turned off, your wireless network won’t appear in the list of networks when someone searches for available hotspots. Clever people may know how to find the name with wireless tools or apps, but most won’t know how. I would also suggest you add a password to the private wireless network as well.  And name it something not linked to your business or personal name.  Wireless router

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