My company can be found on several on-line directories like Google, Bing, and Yelp as well as social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn and others.  This week I got a phone call from a new person needing help with a GPS which wouldn’t charge any longer. When I made a service call to their home to pick up the GPS, I asked them how they found my company and I expected them to say from a friend who networks or from a search engine.  I was surprised to learn it was from the video site, YouTube, where I have a personal channel and a company one under Shane Grantham Consulting. My company YouTube channel has about 20 videos ranging from running network cabling, to computer motherboard replacement, TV show appearances, car remote control repairs, to laptop screen troubleshooting. My new client is a big YouTube fan and spends more time on it than other sites.  He said you can learn how to do just about anything there.  He attempted to repair his GPS, but lacked the correct tools and searched Youtube for someone who worked on electronics and computers and found Shane Grantham Consulting.  About six months ago I improved my visibility on YouTube with different strategies and it worked.  When a search for Fort Wayne computer repair is performed in Youtube, several of my computer and electronics repair videos on at the top. I’m so glad I took the time to do this and more should be finding me on

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