One of my business computer repair clients was having a problem with their Linux Mint desktop computer and called me. “I can’t watch YouTube videos any more”, they said. They used to be able to watch and listen to videos on using Firefox. For some reason they couldn’t any longer. The computer originally came with Microsoft Windows and I installed Linux Mint about 2 years ago to make it safer and more stable for them. When I arrived on site, I checked the hard drive space and the update status. I discovered the hard drive was fine and then tried to watch a video in Chromium web browser to see if Firefox web browser was the problem. Videos wouldn’t play in Chromium either. There were no error messages, just a progress circle spinning forever in the middle of the video.  I noticed there were 107 updates from Linux Mint available and once these were installed, videos played perfectly on YouTube on both browsers. Funny things can happen when you don’t update your operating system!

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