Today I was writing an article on my personal web site and wanted to include my YouTube video.  The video quality was good although the sound was harsh and rough.  I didn’t want the audio feed to scare people so I needed to slilence the audio. I searched in YouTube how to mute or silence the audio and got no results. I looked through my YouTube management console for the video and didn’t see any way either.  

The approach had to now focus on manipulating my video before it gets to YouTube. Using Linux Mint’s Handbrake program I opened the MP4 video. Under the Audio tab   I looked around for a way to kill the audio and found if I delete the entry under track, then the audio is muted when the video is created. I clicked the green start button and a few minutes later the new video was created as a MKV file. When I played it, there was no audio so I knew it worked.

The silent video was uploaded to YouTube and the link embedded in the article. Now when the link is clicked, the video plays and nothing is heard. Success!

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