A LinkedIn picture is worth 1,000 views. Fort Wayne computer repair.

A LinkedIn picture is worth 1,000 views. Fort Wayne computer repair.

My favorite photo subjects are people at networking groups and I’ve been taking them for 12 years. It helps promote networking and it gives regular attendees a chance to see who was at meetings they missed. Sometimes I post them to LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites including my business web site. I’ve noticed they seem to get more attention on LinkedIn.  I guess it’s because there are less photos posted on LinkedIn compared to FaceBook or other sites. Perhaps networking group photos are rare on LinkedIn and they get more attention – I don’t know. If you know, please share with me.

I posted a picture of the first meeting of 2018 for the group I facilitate, the New Haven Chamber of Commerce, last week. LinkedIn post statistics are very insightful and give me good information.  So far the picture has 17 likes which isn’t much, but the number of views is over 1000. And the vast majority of the views are not from my 1st level connections, but my 2nd level connections. That’s very good because people I don’t know are seeing the photo. The geography of the audience was reasonable with most views in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. There were 15 in Chicago and 7 in Toronto and some in Detroit and other cities. The analytics also has views by company and the connection’s position. Surprisingly, eleven people from Deloitte viewed it and PHD was second with seven. I don’t know anyone from these companies, but they saw the picture and know we have a networking group.

You can bet I will be sharing more pictures to LinkedIn and I hope you can see why. Do you share pictures on LinkedIn?

The picture I shared on LI which has over 1000 views


What a difference a week can make. Fort Wayne Computer Repair

What a difference a week can make. Fort Wayne Computer Repair

I run the New Haven Chamber Networking Group which meets Tuesdays at noon. I make the group easy for you to attend with few stipulations like RSVPs, attendance and fees. We usually run around 10-15 people per meeting. Although one week in 2016 we had three and one week there were 24 people.

I love the diversity and large number of people who visit our group. A neat situation occurred in the first two weeks of 2018. I was looking at a picture I took of the group on January 9, 2018 and I counted 14 people. Today I forgot to snap a picture, but I remember we had 14 and four new people.  The fascinating fact is only three of us were at both meetings!  This means In two weeks 25 unique people attended the group and who knows who will be back next Tuesday, January 23.

So it’s in your best interest to be there often so you can see more people over the long haul since every meeting is unique.

We were in the middle of FaceBook and… Fort Wayne Computer Repair

We were in the middle of FaceBook and… Fort Wayne Computer Repair

Last week someone new found me on Google and called me about their Lenovo all-in-one computer.  “We were in FaceBook and all of a sudden a ‘No operating system’ error popped up on the screen. No matter what we do, it won’t go away.” We can’t get Windows 8 to start or run. I found out the computer was six years-old and my first thought was the hard drive had failed. The hard drive permanently stores all your files on the computer(you hope). When it fails, the operating system won’t start and your personal data may be lost. 

My new client and I met at a parking lot in Fort Wayne and I took the computer with me. I got the computer on my workbench and removed the hard drive and placed it in my drive reader. The hard drive made some unusual beeping and after two minutes was silent. No matter what I did-it couldn’t be read or recognized by any of my computers. I tried two different drive cages and Windows and Linux.  I asked my client if they had any back-ups of their data and nothing existed so everything was lost that was on the computer

The moral of the story is back up your data regularly in cases like this. There are many options like thumb (USB drives), cloud storage, network drives, and external drives.

If you were curious about FaceBook having anything to do with the hard drive failure, it didn’t. But you never know about FaceBook!

Why do I get so many LinkedIn invitations? Fort Wayne Computer Repair

Why do I get so many LinkedIn invitations? Fort Wayne Computer Repair

LinkedIn is the quieter, professional counterpart to Facebook in my experience. It seems to be a mystery to some of the business people I work with who aren’t always sure how to use it. One of my services is helping you with LinkedIn and beefing up a user’s profile.

LinkedIn is my secondary contact list behind my Google contacts. If I can’t find someone in Google contacts then I try LinkedIn. Soon after I meet someone in a business setting, I will try to find them on LinkedIn and then send an invitation. Lately, I don’t send as many LinkedIn invitations as I once did because more people are finding me. I don’t have exact statistics, but it seems I get one to two invitations a day from all sorts of people. I accept most of them even though I don’t recall meeting them. Maybe that’s wrong but I feel if they look harmless and they want to connect – than more people will know my about business offerings.

Maybe the reason I get so many invitations is I post original articles like this one from my two websites on LinkedIn. Or is it my pretty extensive profile. which includes 40 recommendations, my computer services and courses I’ve taken? Perhaps it’s the networking groups I’ve been connected to for 12 years?

If you’re on LinkedIn, do you receive invitations from people you don’t know? How do you handle them?

But wait- there’s more! New Haven Chamber Networking Group

But wait- there’s more! New Haven Chamber Networking Group

On Tuesdays at noon in New Haven, Indiana I run a business networking group for the New Haven Chamber of Commerce. We are open to everyone and don’t limit one person per business category. Even though it’s sponsored by the Chamber, one doesn’t have to be a chamber member to attend.  I think just those two facts make this a good group. 

But wait – there’s more!  We don’t charge any fees or dues. We have a private, large room to meet and share our businesses with each other. Everyone has one to two minutes to share their job or business with us and we give testimonials occasionally for each other. Our meetings are done in an hour or less and after everyone gives their talk, there is plenty of time to talk to each other in an open setting.  It can get pretty loud. We also don’t have any attendance frequency requirements, but more often is better than less often from my experience.

So you can see there are some great reasons to join us Tuesdays at Rack and Helens in New Haven on Broadway Street. Oh I forgot another one: no RSVP is needed- just show up when you can!

Web browsers-why hide your name in Windows 10? Fort Wayne computer repair

Web browsers-why hide your name in Windows 10? Fort Wayne computer repair

One thing bothers me about Microsoft Windows 10 web browsers – they don’t identify themselves. When I say identify themselves I am speaking about listing their browser name in the browser title bar header at the top.  I’ve tested Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge in Windows 10 and none of them list their browser name. This is aggravating when I have many web browsers open at once and need to know which one I’m using at the time. This forces me to open the browser’s settings and check help or about to find the name.

In Linux Mint it’s different. Every web browser I use – Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Tor – display their name in the title of their header and it is so much nicer to use.  I remember in Windows XP and maybe 7 that they did list their name in the browser headers. Sometime, I’d like to find out if there’s a way to fix this in Windows 10 or if it’s a permanent situation.


The New Haven Chamber networking group starts up again

The New Haven Chamber networking group starts up again

The New Haven Chamber of Commerce networking group is starting up again January 9th after a two week break for the Holidays. You don’t have to be a New Haven Chamber member to attend and we don’t limit attendance by category. Everyone is welcome!  We meet every Tuesday  from 12:00PM to 1:00PM at Rack and Helens Bar and Grill at 525 Broadway, New Haven, IN. 

We usually meet upstairs in the private, large room.  If you want lunch, place your food and drink order at the bar before you go upstairs and the food will be delivered to you.  You can bring your drink upstairs with you.  Please be flexible and realize we don’t pay for the room.  In the event the upstairs rooms are both used, we will probably be in the restaurant area. The wait staff and management will know where we are meeting so ask if you are unsure.  Silence or turn off your phones before the meeting starts so you don’t interrupt .  Everyone has 1 to 2 minutes for their commercial. Please respect the time limit.

My Windows computer won’t run Windows. Fort Wayne computer repair

My Windows computer won’t run Windows. Fort Wayne computer repair

Not long ago a Fort Wayne computer repair client asked me help with their desktop computer which wouldn’t start Microsoft Windows as it had for years. Before I arrived, they had attempted to restore to an earlier point and failed. Next, they tried to re-install Windows but it got worse and the computer just displays a blank screen upon boot up.  My client had misplaced the factory restore media and didn’t want to buy a new copy.

I tried to repair Windows but wasn’t successful and I suggested a better option- replace Windows with Linux. I like the Linux operating system for many reasons. It’s safer and more reliable than Microsoft Windows, more efficient with hardware and is free. Another reason is most of the applications can be obtained from one source called the Software manager inside Linux.

My client had worked with Linux many years ago and was impressed with its evolution into a easy to use graphical operating system. They also liked that they don’t have to worry about viruses like they do on their Windows computers.  We installed it on the computer and my client has been using it ever since. If you haven’t used Linux, I’ll be glad to show you.

Swarm and Instagram – What do you have against LinkedIn?

I use the social media platforms, Swarm and Instagram on my smartphone quite often . Swarm used to be called Foursquare and is location-based.  It allows you to check-in to locations, businesses and venues to find information and get points. Instagram allows you to post pictures and videos in a continuous stream with your Instagram contacts. Since I started using Instagram, I have forgot about Pinterest. Sorry Pinterest.

I like to post to both of them from my smartphone and sometimes I would like to cross-post to other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Both Swarm and Instagram allow cross-posting to Facebook. Unfortunately, they don’t allow cross-posting to LinkedIn – if they do I can’t find it. I don’t know the reason why, but it would be nice if it changed. You can post videos and pictures to LinkedIn directly and I do sometimes. Just not from Swarm or Instagram. That’s part of the reason I don’t post as much to LinkedIn as I do Facebook.  What do you think?

Networking group device etiquette. Fort Wayne Computer Repair

Networking group device etiquette. Fort Wayne Computer Repair

I facilitate a business networking group for the New Haven (IN) Chamber of Commerce. I try and make the environment as quiet as possible during the meeting so we can focus our attention on each person when its their turn to speak. We have a private room away from the other restaurant customers and I try and keep side conversations non-existent.  I think that’s the best way to hear each of us and to show respect.

An area I often forget to mention is electronic devices like tablets. smartphones and computers.  I need to remind the networkers to turn off or silence their devices so we’re not interrupted with rings, beeps, weird ring-tones and other annoying noise they might make. If they do need to answer a smartphone, please do it away from our room. Additionally, try to do it in between speakers so it doesn’t distract us while someone is doing their commercial.I let my calls go to voice-mail and then check it after the meeting or in between speakers.

I do the same thing with my smartphone when I’m at a networking group, too. My smartphone goes on vibrate or is turned off. I also try very hard to not use my smartphone while our meeting is going. I do glance at it to keep track of the time 

There are a few networkers I have experienced which answer their phones while someone is speaking during a meeting. And sometimes with a loud ringtone. I don’t care how important the call is to you it’s not worth the ill-will you may experience from other networkers with your rude behavior.  the vast majority of networkers are polite and don’t interrupt networking meetings with their phones. What are your experiences with smartphones and networking groups?

Can you help set up my new windows 10 Computer? Fort Wayne Computer

Last month, I had a computer service call to help recover data from a Windows 7 computer so it could be moved to a new Windows 10 computer. The files and folders and bookmarks were pretty straight forward for me.  My client also wanted his email setup on the new computer and I asked him which email he used.  When I heard It was Juno, I had to think about how it was going to be done because it wasn’t as simple as just setting a shortcut in a web browser for my client. Juno is similar to AOL email where the email actually does reside on the local computer and not in the cloud. This makes it more complicated because I have to identify the folders holding their inbox, sent, deleted on the Windows 7 computer and copy it to their new computer. Additionally, I have to find the Juno mail program and install it on the new Windows 10 computer.

I researched on Juno’s web site and I don’t recall if it helped any for the file migration, but I did find a Juno email program which we installed on the new computer. On the Windows 7 computer, I found the folder containing the email messages: c:\ProgramData\Juno\ISP\OER\USR0000. It had Addrbook.nv plus others for the messages. These were copied to a USB thumb drive and then to the new computer.  This got their Juno mail working and they could open their inbox and send and receive messages. Their address book was also there as well.

I suggested that they keep the old computer around for a month or two in case they forgot a fold or file we didn’t copy to the new one and they agreed.

I can’t get to my email. Fort Wayne Computer Repair

I got a call from a business client today who couldn’t access one of their email accounts this Monday. They use Outlook Web access through Mozilla Firefox and it’s been working until last week. Previously, I set their home page to their Outlook web site, but now Firefox goes to a suspicious map search engine that my client didn’t want. They also don’t know how to change it in Firefox so something else changed their home page. I connected remotely and opened Firefox and it came up with thisIt’s blurry on the image, but If you look under “Home Page” you’ll see an extension named Maps controls the homepage which isn’t a good idea. I disabled it and now their original outlook live page starts with Firefox. 

I wanted to find out how it got changed and asked my client if they had any ideas. They said they had been searching for driving directions on-line lately. One of the web sites probably asked them to change their home page and my client may have allowed it. That is my guess.


Are you sharing with others? Fort Wayne Computer Repair

Are you sharing with others? Fort Wayne Computer Repair

I was helping an employee of one of my commercial accounts today with a printer issue in his home. He was trying to set up his USB printer for sharing on his computer so his wife’s computer could print to it. Both computers are Microsoft Windows 10 models and he was very frustrated after spending a few days on it. He almost bought a new printer.

I asked him questions over the phone and he couldn’t answer all my inquires so I suggested we use the remote control program, Teamviewer.  He downloaded and installed it on both of his computers and I connected remotely from my computer.  I first looked at his computer because it  hosts the USB printer. I knew the network was functioning because I connected to it through the internet. It was an HP OfficeJet model and under properties I could see it was shared which is what we want.

Now I need to see if the other computer is on the network and this is done by opening File Explorer which is the Manilla folder on the task bar. The blue Network folder was opened next and I could see his and her computer in the list.  This indicates her computer is on the correct workgroup or homegroup and the ethernet subnet is correct. 

Next, I connected to her computer remotely with Teamviewer so I could see the perspective from her computer. I accessed Settings – Devices – Printers and Scanners. The HP OfficeJet printer on her husbands computer was listed here which is perfect. I opened the properties for it and clicked on “Test Page” to send a job to the printer and he said it printed. 

I couldn’t understand why he called me because the printer printed from his wife’s computer which is what he wanted. He said it didn’t print from his Internet web browser so I asked him to demonstrate for me. He opened Firefox and started a print job. Now, I saw the problem: the selected printer was the Microsoft Onenote driver or something like it. I changed the printer to the HP OfficeJet and the web page printed on the next try. I changed the default printer to the HP OfficeJet so all his programs would print to it in the future.  He was almost there – just a few steps away!


What on Earth happened? Fort Wayne Computer Repair

What on Earth happened? Fort Wayne Computer Repair

A Fort Wayne computer client of mine called me today about his Windows 10 computer and Google Earth. They work with groundwater and watershed issues and maps are important for his consulting company.  They double-clicked on the downloaded icon for Google Earth and the installation looked like it was working with the progress bar slowly traveling to the end of its path. It never got to the end and sat there for a long time. 

They called me for guidance and I asked if general Internet browsing was working and it was. Perhaps the downloaded file was garbled or corrupt and he said he downloaded more than once with the same results each time. At this stage I suggested the computer be rebooted in case a setting or memory needed cleared.  I got a call back and they said it solved the problem and the installation was successful once it was started after the computer reboot.

Sometimes a computer reboot is needed to repair a computer problem. It doesn’t always work, but in this case it did.  The longer a Microsoft Windows computer stays running, the more apt it is to have software and OS problems as my general rule. So it’s not a bad idea to reboot or shutdown your Windows computers routinely to prevent problems.


My tablet loses the internet connection

I was working on my wife’s Samsung Galaxy tablet today because it was dropping the WiFi connection. I checked the WiFi settings and told it not to search for open WiFi networks. This didn’t seem to solve it and I looked elsewhere.

The chrome browser settings were examined and I decided to clear everything to see if this is the problem. I opened Chrome and accessed Settings under the three vertical dots. Then I picked “Privacy” -“Clear browsing data” at the bottom. This didn’t help any so I thought about this some more.

Next, I thought something in memory could be corrupt and causing problems. One part of memory that may be emptied by the user is the cache.  This is done by opening Android settings- General – Storage. Tap “Cached data”  to open and tap “ok” to clear it. In our case we emptied over six GB out a total of 32 GB.  This seemed to help our problem and the internet was working better now.